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  • Prehistoric animals wear bras in lesser known La Bra Tar Pit.
  • Bear leaving Woods’ home asks other bear what he did in there as angry couple watches them leave.
  • Origin of hibernation is bear husband pretending to sleep when wife asks what its Valentine’s Day present is.
  • Bear uses post-hibernation app to locate the closest Starbucks for coffee.
  • Dad reassures Billy that there aren't any monsters in closet, but there are other scary things.

  • All Ark all animal franks parody Ball Park all beef hot dog franks.
  • The three bears are the first to have inconsistent results from using microwave over.
  • A male bear warns his friend that the girl bear at the bar is promiscuous.
  • Both the three bears and Goldilocks change their locks.
  • The cartoonist lets his family come up with ideas for his father's day cartoon.
  • The three bears choose between hot, iced, and just right coffee.
  • Goldilocks regrets Baby Bear tattoo from her younger days.

You searched for: bear