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  • Cats in Capistrano wait for the cat-feeding holiday.
  • A cat feels sleep deprived if he sleeps fewer than 21 1/2 hours.
  • A cat manipulates his owners into feeding him twice.
  • Cats go to a lecture to learn time management.
  • A dog resents a cat for doing no work and getting a private indoor bathroom.
  • A woman covered in cat hair wishes her cat was bald.
  • An infographic shows how cats see humans.
  • Cat reads a book about learning to walk on a tight rope because there are lots of birds resting on the electrical wires outside.
  • Two cats on game show, and Spunky wins all the mice, while competitor leaves with lifetime supply of press-on claws and home version of game.
  • Boy thinks about his day, which included eating spaghetti, playing games, cleaning his room, and shaving the cat, and wonders why his mom punished him.
  • At a doggie dinner party, one dog agrees to a helping of cat because he is cutting down on saturated cats, rather than saturated fats.
  • Veterinarian tells Sparky the dog to calm down and let Fluffy the cat go, and maybe they will call of the neutering.