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  • A man tries to engineer a son with science.
  • A woman catches her cat switching the labels on her tuna and cat food cans.
  • A man dreams of canoeing, a dog dreams of chasing rabbits, and a cat dreams of sleeping.
  • A cat threatens to wake up a woman's baby if she doesn't give him some fish.
  • A cat goes into a store that sells scratch tickets to scratch the owner.
  • Cats go into a catgut tennis racket factory to lose weight.
  • Cat eyes are sights for scratching.
  • A vacuum salesman accidentally sucks up a woman's cat while giving a demonstration.
  • A cat has a bumper sticker that says "I'd Rather Be Sleeping."
  • A cat tells his friend he's lucky to have bugs and mice infesting his house.
  • A cat inspires one of Newton's laws.
  • Ancient Egyptians worshiped the cat diety Eetansleep Awlday.