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  • Fly on his way to a stress reduction training seminar narrowly escapes death by a flyswatter, a frog, a spider, a cat, and bug spray.
  • Cat's conscience, a devil cat and an angel cat, both encourage cat to jump on counter and snatch the unguarded fish fillet.
  • There is nothing like the sound of child's voice for woman, can opener for cat, tree falling for beaver, and "Ow, my thumb!" for hammer.
  • One cat thinks the other cat is a bathroom hog because he is sitting in the sand box building a sand castle.
  • Cat ponders where to hack up the next hairball - either the couch or the carpet, but definitely not the linoleum.
  • Giraffe runs away from three lions left holding his Velcro spots in their paws and mouths.
  • Woman explains her half cat-half reptile pet because her lease only allowed one pet, so she and Jim compromised by having their pets combined.
  • Police officer suspects a copy-cat killing when he finds a dead feline on a copy machine with copies of the cat laying on the floor.
  • Girl's dog and cats sitting with her friend, she tells friend her pets love her, friend says she wants to be veterinarian, pets run away.
  • Felicia the cat plans her day, including sleep, trigonometric equations, developing theorems, eating, long division, and sleep, each activity in different positions.
  • Wife gives husband present, hopes he likes it because she had help picking it out, gift is a dead mouse, cat is at wife's feet.
  • Cat watches TV commercial saying 9 out of 10 cats prefer Ace Kitty Litter to using neighbor's yard, cat wonders about truth-in-advertising.