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  • A cat adds meat and string to a woman's shopping list.
  • A cat hacks a furball into his date's soup.
  • A woman wants to buy a rug the same color as her cat so she doesn't have to vacuum its fur.
  • A cat doesn't see the point of cat litter because he fills the cat box himself.
  • Cats learn to use a fish net, scaring the pet fish.
  • A declawed cat ruins his owners' house with a chainsaw.
  • Cats in Capistrano wait for the cat-feeding holiday.
  • A cat feels sleep deprived if he sleeps fewer than 21 1/2 hours.
  • A cat manipulates his owners into feeding him twice.
  • Cats go to a lecture to learn time management.
  • A dog resents a cat for doing no work and getting a private indoor bathroom.
  • A woman covered in cat hair wishes her cat was bald.