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  • A cat tells his friend he's lucky to have bugs and mice infesting his house.
  • A cat inspires one of Newton's laws.
  • Ancient Egyptians worshiped the cat diety Eetansleep Awlday.
  • A cat teaches kittens how to offend their owners.
  • Cat police play a recording of a can opener to entice out a fleeing cat criminal.
  • A man's new cat steals his wallet.
  • A baby only sleeps, eats, and poops, so cats think it might be another cat.
  • A woman hands out lint rollers for guests to use as they leave her cat-filled house.
  • The water at the beach makes a man have to use the bathroom, but the sand makes his cat have to go too.
  • A man is annoyed that his cat uses the shower instead of licking himself.
  • A cat's inbox is full of mice and its outbox is a litter box.
  • Mice use a cat's water bowl as a swimming pool.