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  • Frankenstein switches the heads and bodies of a cat, his monster, and the Bride of Frankenstein.
  • Mice steal a man's TV remote and won't return it until he meets their demands.
  • A cat uses a virtual reality simulator to play games that simulate sleeping in various places.
  • A cat leaves behind a book called The Art of Thinking Big as it sneaks into the aquarium to eat an entire whale.
  • Everyone is excited about the leap year, except the cartoonist, who's disappointed because he has to draw an extra cartoon.
  • A salesman dressed as a mouse is killed by a house full of cats.
  • To stop cat's clawing, cat owner made furniture from scratching posts.
  • Cats play a computer game where they sedate the vet.
  • A cat has its friend use a blowtorch to remove the bell on its collar so it can catch birds again.
  • An indoor cat can look like an outdoor cat with stick-on fleas, ticks, and wounds.
  • A cat buys a shredder to more efficiently destroy his owner's curtains.
  • Calvin disappears because his stuffed animal Hobbes ate him.