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  • A kitten goes trick or treating dressed as a vacuum.
  • GMO foods and household items mutate to have hands, feet, and teeth.
  • A young cat buys a bunch of items from the drug store so he can get catnip without being carded.
  • A dog explains that the reason he covers everything with his hair is because he is great and wants things to have fur and be more like him.
  • Cats go to a fairground where the Ride of Horror is a circle of cars.
  • A mouse mystic sees someone from the "other side" trying to reach another mouse, but the thing reaching is a cat's paw.
  • A woman shows her husband her outfit, but their cat is angry because she took his pajamas.
  • A man buys a cat-proof aquarium to keep his pet from eating his fish, but the cat gets a wrecking ball to smash the tank.
  • A cat's job gets eliminated, but his old boss thinks he'll land on his feet.
  • A cat gives a motivational speech using Rip Van Winkle's 20-year-nap as an example.
  • The Cat-in-the-Hat's girlfriend's parents ask her if she can make him wear clothes as well as a hat.
  • A car accident slows traffic because too many curious cats are rubbernecking.