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  • A cat breaks its new years resolution by eating a pet bird and may soon eat the pet fish too.
  • Cats go to a stand to buy dead birds to bring back to their owners.
  • Spunky the cat has post-it note reminders for bad behaviors to do in room.
  • A cat has a press conference and a reporter asks if he ever experimented with catnip.
  • Cats try to steal chicken before their owners finish saying grace.
  • A lazy cat dad puts a sign for free kittens out in his yard.
  • Cats shave a crop circle into a sleeping dog.
  • A human describes hail as being the size of golf balls, while a mouse says cheese balls, a cat says the size of fur balls, and a Frankenstein's monster says the size of eyeballs.
  • Ivan goes to Rottweiler house for party because he can't see through cat costume.
  • A fish frames a cat by using a Super Soaker to make it look like the cat peed on the rug.
  • A cat hacks a computer to produce a furball.
  • A cat goes to therapy and says he's been feeling obedient lately.