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  • Offended shark party guest annoyed by rude hammer head Halloween costume insult.
  • Zombie monster on smartphone scared by awful Twitter social media tweets posted online.
  • Terrified scaredy cats flee tin foil horror movie theater.
  • Computer spinning wheel moon delays impatient wolfman monster transformation.
  • Terrified skeletons horror movie audience watch scary dog chew bone.
  • Music shop repairs broken instrument strings for pirate with hook hand fingers again.
  • Science lab mouse running on exercise treadmill watches mazes video on television screen.
  • Cartoon character rehab for far gone Far Side, rick-rolled Rick & Morty, too many bowls Captain Crunch, conditioner overdose Rapunzel, Garfield confused Heathcliff, impulsive Awkward Yeti Heart, Toy Story Piggy Bank needs change & Simpsons Krusty not funny haha.
  • Karaoke fireflies sing bright butt Sir Mix A Lot Baby Got Back song parody to insect audience drinking in bar.
  • Actor sausages audition for dramatic role in food director’s script.
  • Complaining house plant panics half full or empty glass of water too much or too little & will die.
  • Doctor diagnoses drift wood brain puppet Pinocchio’s wandering thoughts concentration problems.