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  • Contractor in group of construction workers repairing building greets audience, taking down the fourth wall of comic.
  • Director tells man in Godzilla costume his motivation is not to be replaced by CGI animation.
  • Woman's enthusiasm over gift is learned from book she received.
  • Mime cat uses his invisible box to pee in.

  • In mayfly edition of Annie, character sings about how there is no tomorrow.
  • Kale has been appearing in many films these days.
  • A snowman and a snowwoman roleplay by making themselves different heads out of snow.
  • A dog thinks Thanksgiving is a day to act like him because his family is focusing on family and food.
  • A cat tries to act casual after leaving the bones of the fish it ate in the bowl for its owner to find.
  • A new wind turbine designed like a mime acts like it's windy even when it isn't.
  • A knight watches a jester for way too long.
  • The shark from Jaws used to be in small independent films.

You searched for: acting