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  • Dogs watch canine mime act stuck in imaginary kennel street performance entertainment.
  • Mime in invisible box & cute mimes costume puppy panting pantomime performance comparison.
  • Devil hurts comedian Carrot Top with pitchfork in hell fire punishment but is unsure salad fork torment etiquette.
  • Stern cirrus clouds are more serious than funny cloud wearing fake nose Groucho Marx mustache glasses.
  • Turkeys audience likes movie of turkey with stuffing behind man coking Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Cartoon character Bart Simpson nervous as lawyer presents to court spiky triangle hair evidence found at crime scene.
  • Larry the Cable Guy vs. Lawrence the Cable Gentleman.
  • Sharks are impressed by ventriloquist with man in his mouth.

  • Normal Al Yankovic sings non-parody versions of Weird Al songs.

You searched for: comedy