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  • Fortune teller’s crystal ball foresees Prince Charming marry snow white Frosty the Snowman husband.
  • Man in monster destroyed city disgusted Zilla chewing with mouth open person named Gary.
  • Man tells lady hidden behind cat on table she looks just like online Zoom meetings.
  • Guitar on smartphone instruments dating website rejected by sexy saxophone’s no strings profile.
  • Terrified potted houseplants see owner as scary plant killing Grim-Reaper death.
  • Tired smartphone in bed tells partner it was autoplaying videos in sleep again.
  • Snow cinema audience terrified as horror film salt shaker Jason watches snowflake victim out window.
  • Exercising dragon’s fire accidentally burns computer after video yoga instructor reminds to breathe.
  • Scared gingerbread men audience watches gory broken cookies ungreased baking pan horror movie.
  • Fruit fly movie audience enjoys Matt Damon how do you like them apples film quote.
  • Autocorrected holiday texts turnip turns up volume, weightlifter pumpkin pie pumping iron, groovy hippy gravy boat & masher nervous sweet potato sweats.