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  • One worm tells another worm, Kevin, that he's glad they didn't invest in condos because apples with worms are falling out of the tree.
  • One fly tells another, Madeline, as she flies away in a huff, that when he says she looks like crap, it's a compliment.
  • Spider tells psychiatrist how female spider lit a cigarette, looked him in the eye, and said they didn't call him "itsy bitsy spider" for nothing.
  • Earthworm sees bird pulling on tail of a worm from a hole in the ground, and he hopes that it isn't him.
  • Man on barstool watching FDA report on TV asks frog if he can believe the bug parts allowed in food, frog says it's pretty skimpy.
  • Sculpture at a museum for octopuses is called Octopus de Milo, and the sculpted octopus has no tentacles, like Venus de Milo has no arms.
  • Man tells co-worker Lynn is on phone, she's coming down with nasty bug, and Lynn is coming down from the ceiling with a giant insect.
  • Snail without a shell passes two shelled snails, one snail says to the other that he thought streaking went out in the '70s.
  • Butterfly lands on flower to drink nectar, passes out from the scent of the flower, flower wonders if he should lay off the Mexican food.
  • Horse is terrified because the old lady who swallowed a fly and spider is coming, knows song ends with old lady swallowing horse and dying.
  • Bees playing basketball, one bee asks another if he just heard the buzzer, bee says, "Who can tell'" because of all the buzzing bees.
  • Mom tells daughter ants crawled through floorboards, got into her casserole, Dad is taking care of them, while Dad gives the ants Pepto Bismol.