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  • A fly trying to bother a heavy sleeper uses a megaphone.
  • People crash testing a car have a crash test bug fly into the windshield.
  • A butterfly who only lives for 24 hours tries to borrow 50 bucks from a ladybug.
  • Ants only visit their mom on sundaes.
  • Bugs playing a game get squished and switch to squash.
  • Shoe store employee wonders if a bug died from a heart attack, the giant shoe hanging from the sign.
  • A bankrupt beehive displays a sign stating it is "Going Out of Beeswax," while a bee holds a sign stating, "Will Work for Honey."
  • Two cockroaches stand on a sink full of dirty dishes, and one cockroach invites to other to lunch at a great greasy spoon.
  • Cootie, sitting on a bald man's head, radios to mission control, located on a full head of hair, about unhospitable environment, including a harsh glare.
  • Doctor tells patient according to tests, his diet is butterflies, bees, horseflies, and dragonflies, while patient makes mental note close mouth when riding bike.
  • Fly on his way to a stress reduction training seminar narrowly escapes death by a flyswatter, a frog, a spider, a cat, and bug spray.
  • Spider is upset because her web is ruined by man's hair, and she wonders if her homeowner's insurance covers bad hair-do disasters.