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  • Bedbugs drive to the warm side of the pillow when they go on vacation.
  • A spider's web gets blown away by a kite.
  • Lifesavers take an ant's life.
  • A firefly has to jump-start his friend because he left his lights on.
  • A mosquito tells a vampire he has dibs on a woman's blood.
  • A fish, a fisherman, and a bear all think "Wow! Look at the size of that one."
  • A worm rents the movie Hook for his kids, not realizing it'll scare them.
  • A caterpillar's date goes upstairs to change and takes forever because she's turning into a butterfly.
  • Ants hide in Raisin Bran and pretend to be raisins.
  • Natural wonders for sand fleas include a grand canyon made by a woman's buttocks.
  • A woman thinks people look like ants from the top floor of the genetic engineering facility, but really they're giant ants.
  • A fast food server asks a frog if he wants flies with his meal.