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  • A baby gets bugs in its hair as the stork delivers it.
  • A bug spray for rappelling bugs has bugs rappelling down the side.
  • A worm likes living on a baseball field, except for the wet tobacco rain.
  • Lice have to take a detour on a balding man's head.
  • Spiders want to eat a giant fly off the top of an exterminator's van.
  • A snail is jealous beacause her husband is hanging out with a turtle.
  • Bugs reenact Lauren Bacall noir movies.
  • Bedbugs drive to the warm side of the pillow when they go on vacation.
  • A spider's web gets blown away by a kite.
  • Lifesavers take an ant's life.
  • A firefly has to jump-start his friend because he left his lights on.
  • A mosquito tells a vampire he has dibs on a woman's blood.