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  • A man wonders if the oil rig has drilled too deep into the ground because fire and devils are spewing out the top.
  • Cootie, sitting on a bald man's head, radios to mission control, located on a full head of hair, about unhospitable environment, including a harsh glare.
  • Fly on his way to a stress reduction training seminar narrowly escapes death by a flyswatter, a frog, a spider, a cat, and bug spray.
  • Giant turtle, after swallowing man, scares workers away by asking them if guy looks good in a turtleneck, and man is visible inside turtle's throat.
  • The Earth, surrounded by satellites in space, says that he feels like he's being watched.
  • Two men fishing in boat, one drinking beer says he's been coming there for years, fishing is getting worse, under water is pile of cans.
  • Fish two days after the Boston Tea Party, and the tea being dumped in the water, are telling each other how they are wired up.
  • Clams take Cleo to bachelor party at On The Halfshell with live, saucy clams, clam digs, chowder wrestling, Cleo worries he will catch red tide.
  • Bug about to be sprayed holds sign to save ozone.
  • Earth does a comb over to cover ozone hole in atmosphere.
  • Scientists make a pit bull tree that can defend itself in the rain forest.