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  • Gumby's doctor tells him he has to stretch before exercising.
  • A group of people have committed small gaffes like not closing the matches before striking and reusing microwave popcorn bags.
  • Godzilla eats a chili factory and farts everywhere, making gas mask sales rise.
  • The power rangers become Mighty Morphin Flower Arrangers.
  • Skunks use adult diapers when their stink bags start to leak.
  • Captain Picard works at an appliance repair shop and tells his workers to make a sewing machine sew.
  • Up Next: when is paranoia justified'
  • The Tasmanian Devil ravages a town.
  • In the off season, sugar plums dance in seedy nightclubs.
  • A baby thinks his dad needs a drool bib while watching women's volleyball and Baywatch.
  • The Mother Goose Tabloid dishes gossip about fairy tale characters.
  • A woman playing on a spin-the-wheel game show gets her scarf caught on the wheel.