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  • Daughter tells Mom she is making a ballerina costume for Halloween out of an old, white dress (Wedding Gown) she found in back of Mom's closet.
  • One shark explains to another how her partner threatened to leave if she didn't share her scuba diver meal, so she gave him the finger.
  • During Oscar acceptance speech for "The Phonebook + You," Jake lists everyone he wants to thank in alphabetical order, implying that list will be long.
  • Man holding pen wants autograph from tough-looking guy because they made a movie about him for mauling 2 dozen people with a writing instrument.
  • Boy holding starfish asks dad, who is videoing, if video will be good enough for TV, dad agrees because shark is about to eat boy.
  • Woman taking medicine labeled "Take Only As Directed" is following director's orders to take out one pill, then fill glass with water.
  • Legal department for The Beach Boys says the name has to be changed to The Beach Middle-Aged Men because "boys" is false advertising.
  • Famous last words from Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Albert Bugleweed, whose last words were "Honey, how's your diet going'".
  • Two piranhas reminisce about the time a movie critic reached into the tank, and they call it a "definite two thumbs off."
  • Plumbing pipe dreams about being a pipe on an organ and creating beautiful music.
  • Doctor listens to pregnant woman's belly, she asks him how many heartbeats he hears because baby is in womb playing bongos.
  • Thief tells victim that after he beats and robs him, his agent is available to discuss who will portray him in TV re-enactment, agent stands by.