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  • Man gives joint rolling papers wrapped gift after Christmas wrapping paper ordering mistake.
  • Misspelled holiday texts fixed foot fruit cakes, handy candy canes, finger gingerbread cookie & mister mistletoe in autocorrected Xmas mistakes.
  • Golfing reindeer Rudolph hits red glowing light nose ball in dark evening snowstorm.
  • Flirty Christmas mistletoe drinking at pub asks mistletoe sprig shouldn’t you be under me dirty pick-up line.
  • Hacker Christmas elf on laptop disables security cameras, alarms and distracts guard dog with bone for Santa delivering toys.
  • Excited Medusa and snakes hairs’ gifts stuffed stockings hang on fireplace Christmas morning.
  • Mailman on large wooden sailing ship reaches to deliver customer order causing expensive shipping costs.
  • Annoyed standing Christmas tree envious comfortable sitting tree picked seated option.
  • Cartoonist imagines self as cold complaining Santa refusing to deliver toys Christmas Eve.
  • Christmas light strand knot tangling together regrets restaurant’s dance floor design decision.
  • Stressed Santa overwhelmed by busy job messed up goldfish pets’ dog bone treat Christmas present.
  • Christmas tree mother disapproves exposed bare branch teen daughter’s inappropriate sexy decorations clothing.