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  • Sad Christmas ornaments left in the box hope for next year in support group.
  • Happy dogs post what they got for Christmas on laptop computer website but sad dog got a sweater.
  • Happy spiders run downstairs to see wrapped bug presents under Christmas tree.
  • Santa with box of diapers tells reindeer due to complaints they are implementing changes.
  • Man covered in pet hair tells cat hopes it likes catnip toy Christmas gift as cat thinks I hope you like your sweater.
  • Stressed Santa thinks stupid snooze button rushing in sleigh as disappointed children see no gifts in stockings and under Christmas trees.
  • Santa’s smartphone fitness app says his Body Mass Index is bowl full of jelly.
  • Scared cookies watch Christmas horror movie with Santa murderer coming down chimney.
  • Gift wrap takes 2 minutes or 22 minutes with naughty cat laying on wrapping paper for belly rub.
  • Dog opening Christmas present tells guilty dog regifted dead rodent looks already rolled in.
  • Elf says gesundheit to Santa after Christmas presents are sneezed out of sleigh.
  • Pirate with wooden leg and hook hand has peg leg Christmas stocking hung on fireplace mantle.