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  • Medical receptionist at World Blood Donor Day blood drive tells masked serial killer with bag that most people donate their own blood.
  • Woman notices fitness tracker watch hung overnight on haunted doll has 10,000 extra steps.
  • Doctor tells ghost patient it’s insurance doesn’t cover post-existing conditions.
  • Santa with laptop computer ordered sexy Santa suit with skirt, fishnet stockings and high heel boots from website by mistake.
  • Ghost Adventures investigators use shedding cat hair to see invisible spirit.
  • Man on desert island is surprised by pumpkin spice flavored coconut.
  • Woman in mask says gesundheit to trick-or-treater in Batman costume who sneezed it off and on to her.
  • Marty Pants is out of luck in wizard battle when bookstore is out of stock of the book he needs to defeat the wizard Simon.
  • Puppy trick-or-treater on Halloween wears a frightening costume of empty bowl on head.
  • Pumpkins in movie theater watch scary horror film with Jack O’Lantern killer.
  • Zombie scientist investigates experiment of zombie lab mouse running through maze for brain reward.
  • Grown ups trick or treating on Halloween ask for candy from a house giving out full size bars.