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  • Embarrassed cat tells Mickey Mouse ear hat wearing cat to think of the optics paired together.
  • Dogs watch canine mime act stuck in imaginary kennel street performance entertainment.
  • Mime in invisible box & cute mimes costume puppy panting pantomime performance comparison.
  • Insomniac customers buy sleeping poison apples at fairytale evil queen entrepreneur’s profitable business.
  • Angry cafe customer complains to barista about insulting pumpkin spite coffee cup sticking out tongue.
  • U.S.P.S. mail forever stamps’ immortality from Dracula stamp’s vampire fang bite.
  • Moaning undead M & M monster candies reanimate in scary zombie product wrapper parody.
  • Trick or treater in cellphone costume tells scared man his favorite celebrity is trending on social media.
  • Judge wearing grim reaper death Halloween party costume in court terrifies defendant on trial.
  • Sneaky ninja sloth suddenly empties trick or treat candy bowl without being seen.
  • Man sitting on Ouiji board game placard butt dials scary demonic ghost accidentally.
  • Scary movie monsters listen to zombie slow jams, swamp creature, surf, mad scientist experimental and Friday the 13th Jason deep cuts musical styles.