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  • Older fairytale Hansel and Gretel kids run to sneaky witch’s avocado toast home.
  • Vampires couple wife tells monster party guests sleeping husband insisted on open casket funeral.
  • Freezing witch brews coffee shop cold brew orders outside in snow.
  • Witch asks to discuss badly misspelled whiches poshun cauldron sign.
  • Daughter riding witches broomstick ready to take off practice training bristles.
  • Grocery store witch shops for eyes of newts egg carton potion ingredients.
  • Insomniac customers buy sleeping poison apples at fairytale evil queen entrepreneur’s profitable business.
  • Sneaky ninja sloth suddenly empties trick or treat candy bowl without being seen.

  • Autocorrected halloween texts misspells wicked witch smartwatch, grim reaper book reading, space alien pumpkin spice & walking dead normal father.
  • Halloween witch relaxes reading in chair as broomba automatic broom sweeps living room floor clean.
  • Prince Charming with long hair and beard tells Rapunzel in tower he’s been on lock down too.
  • Hansel & Gretel fairy tale witch gingerbread house shipment is delivered to three little pigs instead of bricks in postal mix up.

You searched for: witch