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  • Protesting stick figures disagree on pencil or marker creator god.
  • Dog poops on woman reincarnated as grass as punishment for not picking up dog poo.
  • Stick figure doodle says creator demands a sacrifice as pencil erases another stick figure.
  • Glass of water confesses sins to water purifier pitcher priest in church confessional.
  • Woman looks at snow globes filled with plagues of frogs, hail, lice, and locusts sent by God to Pharaoh’s Egypt on Jewish holiday of Passover.
  • Angel disappointed after making a snow angel because he thought it would be more fun.
  • Little Drummer Boy dramatically complains that it’s too hard to play drum in manger scene.
  • Lesser-known little cow bell boy plays loudly in nativity manger.
  • Ghost decides not to stay haunting Earth when he reads news on woman’s smartphone.
  • Man in museum turns away to read a sign next to a fertility goddess statue and when he looks back it’s surrounded by baby figures.
  • Angels playing baseball wonder if a ball caught in halo counts as out.
  • Rock teaches pebbles real David and Goliath story.