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  • Greek myth boy Icarus protects wings from sun with zillion SPF sunscreen.
  • Cat thinks I wouldn’t do that as Greek myth Pandora opens dirty litter box.
  • Terrified nails audience leaves cinema playing Thor movie.
  • Greek myth Sisyphos pushing rock uphill sees time of arrival never ever on smartphone.
  • Medusa holds empty bun by grill as snake hair has hot dog in belly.
  • Greek myth Pandora grossed out by boxer dog’s awful smelly breath in her face.
  • Saint cat with halo performs magic tricks with cards, scarf, hat & eats vanishing bird.
  • Sleeping man dreams friends & family at funeral view his private Google internet search histories.
  • Angry Bible’s Noah in rain with animals tells teenage son to bring back borrowed ark.
  • Turkeys eating human Thanksgiving dinner give thanks for alternate universe reality.
  • Dog in confessional tells priest tricks owners to feed second breakfast.
  • God watching funny cat videos on smartphone asks angel if he missed anything as Earth cries for help from 2020 virus and disasters.