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  • Empty mailbox disappoints man but Ninja Sloth surprises with Valentine’s Day card pile behind.
  • I used to think Cupid carefully considered valentine’s love choices, now I think shoots arrows blindfolded.
  • Dogs couple girlfriend wonders if boyfriend loves her or treats in her coat pockets.
  • Guitar on smartphone instruments dating website rejected by sexy saxophone’s no strings profile.
  • Smartphone couple making out on couch gives date consent to take a screen grab.
  • Headless snowman complains snowmen couple’s too hard kiss pushed snowball head off body.
  • Catfish on smartphone dating app doesn’t trust fish dates’ fake online profile photos.
  • Candy cane on smartphone loves crushes’ online profile photo on candies singles website.
  • Snowman in love says date makes him feel all warm but it was peeing dog.
  • Groundhog learns shadows make shaded smartphone screens much easier to read.
  • Nervous dog dating vacuum cleaner says I’d be lying if I said relationship didn’t scare me.
  • Surprised Santa Claus gave himself large screen television Christmas present.