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  • Sexually satisfied smartphone in bed tells phone lover it put it in airplane mode.
  • Cat with nine diamond rings asks cat to marry at romantic picnic marriage proposal.
  • Cat thinks Mmm thought bubble at M birds flying by cloud.
  • Tattoo artist inks wife’s sister’s name in heart on man’s back in April Fool’s prank.
  • Man knocked over by happy dog says only gone for a moment but dog thinks it’s seven moments in its life.
  • Godzilla monster gives fruit & nut delivery trucks heart box Valentines Day present.
  • Valentines cupid on laptop shoots arrows at online Zoom meeting screen remote love matches.
  • Annoyed kitty rejects cat date’s poisonous flower bouquets, dangerous for cats.
  • Valentine’s texts spelling cupid tooth cuspid, smartphone social media followers flowers, Roman tick romantic & ear hear emoji heart.
  • Bird in bed warns mate it likes to get up early and chirp incessantly all morning.
  • Coffee mugs gossip mug is in short term relationship with disposable cup date.
  • Shopping bags refuse to let grounded daughter date sleazy brown bag at door.