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  • Blade of grass is surprised by friends when caught alone with Easter grass.
  • At marriage mental health office the Easter Bunny’s wife says he hides things.
  • The leprechaun’s pot at the end of the rainbow is filled with bitcoins.
  • Leprechaun takes his dog Rainbow for a walk but says there’s no pot of gold at the dog’s end.
  • Man gives wife a bouquet of coffee cups for Valentine’s Day.
  • Heart dies after having an arrow shot through it.
  • Adulterous groundhog tries to hide girlfriend pretending she is his shadow.
  • Cat shaves fur so that he will not be thrown away for shedding.
  • A man's New Year's resolution to only be in funny cartoons fails.
  • Firecracker checks GPS before taking off.
  • Christmas tree decides to keep profile picture that was taken before he began losing needles.
  • An uncovered trash can is a dog's idea of the perfect gift..