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  • Firecracker checks GPS before taking off.
  • Christmas tree decides to keep profile picture that was taken before he began losing needles.
  • An uncovered trash can is a dog's idea of the perfect gift..
  • Santa begins using cats to pull his sleigh after using a focus group.
  • Santa's big belly actually holds coffee.
  • Dung beetle is tired of homemade Christmas gifts.
  • Mr. Potato Head feels uneasy with Christmas tree full of body parts.
  • Santa is unimpressed by man who brags about how much he can carry in one trip.
  • Iggy Pop can't identify a shirt that is given to him as a Christmas gift.
  • Excited cats discover all the boxes under the Christmas tree are empty.
  • Snowmen get scared watching a horror movie that has a snowwoman melting.
  • Rudolph hits on a reindeer asking if she wants to shout out with glee.