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  • Snowman tells mad snow man with dog touching bum with twig arm not on purpose.
  • Headless snowman complains snowmen couple’s too hard kiss pushed snowball head off body.
  • No nose snowman says he smells terrible bad breath after dog steals carrot.
  • Snowman in love says date makes him feel all warm but it was peeing dog.
  • Groundhog learns shadows make shaded smartphone screens much easier to read.
  • Snow lady asks snowman spouse to help button rocks on dress back.
  • Bulky Michelin Man tire brand mascot sees popular winter puffer coats & thinks he’s an influencer.
  • Fallen snowman says yipe after peeing canine melts frozen snow before.
  • Snow cinema audience terrified as horror film salt shaker Jason watches snowflake victim out window.
  • Doctor diagnoses chimney soot covered Santa Claus’ Christmas season flue flu illness.
  • Dad says pet dog Christmas present box is comforter for child’s bed.
  • Doctor assures Christmas tree that red dangly things are common symptoms this time of year.