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  • Dad says pet dog Christmas present box is comforter for child’s bed
  • Couple therapy snowman says pushes button covered husband often but has tons.
  • Big ornaments conspiracy pays sneaky kitty to break Xmas decorations.
  • Thankful biting piranhas underwater give thanks for fat guy’s big ass bounty.
  • Annoyed man complains Xmas early before Thanksgiving but overwhelmed day after not ready for holiday.
  • Furry hair caterpillar waxes body hairless in heatwave temps to stay cooler.
  • Shirtless guys on beach say no nipples & bellybutton man’s body hair waxing was thorough.
  • Kitten student shows cats class & teacher scratched chair destroyed on summer vacation.
  • Man attacked by pecking sea gulls regretted wearing potato chips pattern swim trunks to beach.
  • Bullied guy gets payback at beach sand kicking jerk with potato chips crumb pecking sea gulls.
  • Underwater artistic shark predator paints human victim’s ass in inflatable ring at surface.
  • Underwater sharks restaurant diner selects person swimming above as dinner order from shark waiter.