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  • Creepy predator werewolves prey day candies brand spoof wrapper has full moon energy.
  • Lying Dracula on laptop posts fake vampires info articles fooling woman on internet
  • Scared cats cinema audience hurries leaving theater exit after noisy sounds horror movies.
  • Disappointed mice in science experiment maze wait with kids trick-or-treat candy.
  • Zombie on smartphone filming cemetery invasion not technically live streaming videos online.
  • Shakespeare Yorick skull York Peppermint Patty Halloween bones candy spoof product.
  • Tongue licks murder horror film scares screaming ice cream cones audience.
  • Egyptian tomb mummies on coffee break asks furry hair covered mummy about pet cat.
  • Hen wearing offensive killer Colonel Sanders mask upsets chickens costume party guests.
  • Werewolf boyfriend transforms, says not a good man but date tummy rubs & says good boy.
  • Dracula vampire drinks cartoon Smurfs’ blue blood & invents Bluetooth fangs.
  • Naked skeleton lady strips for zombie men in gruesome sexy bones pole dance.