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  • Fat witch regrets eating a whole gingerbread house.
  • Gingerbread man realizes that he is in a house made of gingerbread,
  • Witch is accused of Crimes against Children.
  • Gingerbread woman eats man she's cheating with to hide him from her suspicious husband.
  • Witch gets excited when she finds gingerbread floor under carpet in house.

  • A gingerbread man ogles a gingerbread woman and she accuses him of unfrosting her with his eyes.
  • A witch's house has big bites missing because her new neighbor is the Cookie Monster.
  • A witch goes south for the winter, where she stays in a banana bread house.
  • A gingerbread man tells another gingerbread man that he wants to cover him in whipped cream.
  • A gingerbread man gets another gingerbread man chattering teeth as a stocking stuffer, but they eat him.
  • Realtor tries to sell run down gingerbread house ito bake-it-yourselfer.
  • The Pillsbury Dough Boy walks in on his wife either snacking on or cheating with a gingerbread man.

You searched for: gingerbread