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  • Man covered in sharp evergreen needles tells Dr it’s not as fun as jumping into a pile of leaves.
  • Fat treadmill exercising peppermint thinks it needs more realistic skinny candy cane fitness goal.
  • Scared gingerbread men audience watches gory broken cookies ungreased baking pan horror movie.
  • Doctor diagnoses chimney soot covered Santa Claus’ Christmas season flue flu illness.
  • Surprised Santa Claus gave himself large screen television Christmas present.
  • Dad says pet dog Christmas present box is comforter for child’s bed.
  • Elf says Santa Claus on cellphone will be late if posting social media cookie photos online.
  • Joking reindeer ride Santa’s sleigh prank Rudolph pulling heavier weight than usual.
  • Christmas trees artists class draws ornaments undressed naked tree modeling.
  • Autocorrected Christmas song texts Jingle Bells party guests mingle, painful wood splinter Winter Wonderland, fleece Navy uniform Feliz Navidad & White Christmas wine drinking Santa & Mrs Claus.
  • Santa assigns elf workers making dog toys for long good boys & girls nice list pet names.
  • Reindeer in bed plugs smartphone charging cable to asleep Rudolph bulb outlet nose.