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  • Flea carolers sing Christmas songs together in dog hair.
  • Department store Santa with candy stuck to beard tells elf to give kids lollypops after they sit on his lap.
  • Santa catches Rudolph drinking red wine by the fire with his nose in the glass.
  • Man decorating tree tells family not to move until Christmas because he got all the lights to work.
  • Santa with laptop computer ordered sexy Santa suit with skirt, fishnet stockings and high heel boots from website by mistake.
  • Stocking filled with Christmas gifts says to another that it always puts on weight during the holidays too.
  • Exercising Santa lifts present sack weights to prep for delivering toys on Christmas Eve.
  • Stocking hung by fire says gesundheit to one that has sneezed Christmas gifts all over room.
  • Department store Santa tells girl on cellphone she needs to wait in line like everyone else.
  • Lesser-known little cow bell boy plays loudly in nativity manger.
  • Plain bagel is frustrated that everything bagel already has gift bought for it.
  • Decorations disagree about who has the scariest spot on the tree, the star on top or a glass ball on the bottom being hit by a cat.