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  • Blinded OB doctor reindeers squint in blinding light delivering infant red nosed Rudolph at mom’s hospital bed.
  • Indestructible zombie Christmas fruitcakes and cockroaches only survivors of apocalyptic worldwide destruction.
  • Year-round Christmas surprises when forgetful man can’t remember ordered package delivered by mail on front doorstep.
  • Scared pop corn kernel movie cinema audience watches girl stringing popcorn garland Christmas decorations torture on screen.
  • Racist green holly leaf hates red, yellow, orange leaves until its autumn foliage colors change unexpectedly.
  • Santa Claus in North Pole Workshop asks Mrs. Claus how many elf workers needed from gum ball machine full of elves.
  • Hansel & Gretel fairy tale witch gingerbread house shipment is delivered to three little pigs instead of bricks in postal mix up.
  • Santa Claus on smartphone fitness app drops from 123 million peak Christmas Eve to zero miles relaxing at home vacation.
  • Couple in online VR goggles give robot arm hugs on pandemic Christmas apart from loved ones.
  • St. Nick flies spread away reindeer socially distant sleigh on pandemic Christmas Eve.
  • Santa Claus buying toys online on laptop adds millions of Christmas gifts to sack for kids worldwide.
  • Autocorrected Xmas spelling parodies Santa Claus cat paw sanitizer, Rudolph rude Frozen snowman Olaf, Elvis Presley elves & frothy Frosty face beer mug.