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  • Self-conscious guy burned clothes on fire after date’s nice shirts compliments become unenthusiastic greeting.
  • Exercising dragon’s fire accidentally burns computer after video yoga instructor reminds to breathe.
  • Medieval knights clap & cheer at fire breathing dragons impressive fireworks display.
  • Flirty lady bear at bar jokes forest fire Smokey the Bear named for sexy deep voice pick up line.
  • Rebelling insect restaurant diner waterbug orders flaming flambé, dragonfly knight in medieval armor, August June bug & constipated dung beetle.
  • Impatient lit fuse Independence Day firecracker at end of cafe customer line asks to go ahead in rush to order quickly.
  • Cat marijuana dispensary customer buys kitty named feline catnip herb kind buds selection.
  • Devil hurts comedian Carrot Top with pitchfork in hell fire punishment but is unsure salad fork torment etiquette.
  • Man gives joint rolling papers wrapped gift after Christmas wrapping paper ordering mistake.
  • Cartoonist imagines self as cold complaining Santa refusing to deliver toys Christmas Eve.
  • Shy personality introverted inferno and wild outgoing outferno fire flames party with devils in hell.
  • Wasted cats tell sober cat to try using intoxicating cat nip drugs.