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  • Dog learns tricks for how to get food while reading The Hunger Games.
  • Hosts read Go Dog Go to signal to dog guest that it's time to leave.
  • Humpty Dumpty called for an egg fixer and got a chef instead.
  • Drawing Tips book advises putting book covers on the correct side but doesn't heed its own advice.
  • Venus de Milo isn't impressed by David's Christmas present of legs.
  • Mom alien reads Goodnight Moons book to baby.
  • Magazine compares fig leaf wearing of Eve and Fig Tree.
  • Sharks are impressed by ventriloquist with man in his mouth.
  • Caterpillar's day job is to be Bert's unibrow.
  • Boss asks bat where he hears himself in five years.
  • Cat in screen mimic Munch's The Scream.
  • Right-handed store opens up next to left-handed store.