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  • Grumpy man at seashore criticizes cold ocean waves in negative reviews.
  • Office workers in pajamas have trouble readjusting to in person dress codes after remote working from home.
  • Cream of Wheat brand spoof canary birds instant cat breakfast cereal package.
  • Wild leftover pizza animal in office scares employee returning to in-person work.
  • Coworkers talking in cat and dog have trouble readjusting return to office after Covid lockdowns.
  • Barista gives cafe customers in face masks coffees with mumbled names cups.
  • Telecommuting worker can’t find work space with cats and dog sleeping on sofa and chairs.
  • Helicopter reporter gives traffic delay report inside sand timer.
  • Tattoo artist tells man with shaky tattoo mistake his smartphone was on vibrate.
  • Yogurts scientists find early frozen yougurt trapped in ice.
  • Bartender tells man at pub with cat and dogs pets’ vaccine shots not booze.
  • Customer doubts misspelled sign coffee shop will spell name right.