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  • Mechanic says knock knock to auto engine & slowly waits for timing belts who’s there response.
  • Impatient man urgently waits to pee at closed bathroom as forgetful custodian remembers he forgot to take down sign hour ago.
  • Lady uses self service gas, do-it-yourself car wash, self-help books, self-checkout groceries & buffet/help yourself but mad bartender diy cocktails not allowed.
  • Wasted alcoholic complains bartender tried to take keys but Ninja Sloth steals his vehicle, stops him driving intoxicated.
  • Slob in filthy trash covered work cubicle organizes neat folder icons on computer desk-top.
  • Christmas trees artists class draws ornaments undressed naked tree modeling.
  • Humor head shark wears Groucho nose glasses & fake arrow comedian costume.
  • Gross caviar dish warns party guest it’s high quality but has sat out for four hours.
  • Stressed pet owner watches elections results news with supportive cats & dogs on lap.
  • Freezing witch brews coffee shop cold brew orders outside in snow.
  • Godzilla complements monster’s destroyed open concept destroyed city buildings.
  • Snail at party asks hypnotic black and white spirals shell guest about hypnotizing career.