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  • Office workers relax in cubicle full of puppies for stress relief on Mondays.
  • Woman named dog Mona Lisa’s Eyes because it follows her around the room.
  • Cat has to work late because he is overflowing from his inbox.
  • Shaved dog’s fur has been matted as artwork.
  • Cat reads book on disemboweling small rodents while at the beach.
  • Woman at cafe thinks barista asked if she’d like rum in her coffee but she meant room for cream and sugar.
  • Bee covered by junk complains to a ladybug at the bar about working with honey.
  • Man in museum turns away to read a sign next to a fertility goddess statue and when he looks back it’s surrounded by baby figures.
  • Man in gallery feels that painting of mime speaks to him.
  • Cartoonist’s many emotional states are shown in emojis.
  • Psychic predicts stick figure will fall behind on cartooning deadline & take shortcuts.
  • Farting office workers regret Take Your Chili To Work Day typo.