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  • Man in monster destroyed city disgusted Zilla chewing with mouth open person named Gary.
  • Parody Oral-B Pulsar toothbrush has vibrating bees bristles for a tingly mouth brushing teeth.
  • Nutcracker doesn't take advice to stick to nuts and breaks mouth on fruitcake.
  • Thankful biting piranhas underwater give thanks for fat guy’s big ass bounty.
  • Apples in bowl misread pies filling ingredients for dental cavity.
  • Musician dental flossing piano keys thinks not to snack while practicing.
  • Spooky social media Halloween monsters #livingmybestafterlife photo vampire scares victims & watches TV in casket in website post.
  • Stylish tattooed vampires wear spooky Halloween bat & spider vamp stamps tattoo on necks.
  • Big fangs teeth extension size impresses vampire monsters.
  • Scary 3 eye horned monsters family child gives parent Father’s Day world’s beast dad coffee cup present.
  • Snowman rescuer in woods asks missing snow men with tooth bites chomped on butts how they survived dehydration.
  • Misbehaving kitty cat plays gross & messy feline bingo games destroying house and hurting owner each day.