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  • Cat fakes canine jaw bites clue to eat turkey dinner, fooled owner blamed dog.
  • Only tooth in mouth with no veneer mask asks if everyone is becoming a phony.
  • Wife sees antigravity toothpaste isn’t anti-cavity as husband brushing teeth in sky flies outside window.
  • Marvel Avengers character Groot on laptop website debunks George Washington cherry tree and wooden teeth myths.
  • Valentine’s texts spelling cupid tooth cuspid, smartphone social media followers flowers, Roman tick romantic & ear hear emoji heart.
  • Prehistoric cat predator gathers basket of cave man hunters.
  • Cat asleep on lap dreams biting mice but chomps owner’s fingers painfully.
  • Tooth tells teeth some may not survive fight against sugary Christmas fruitcake.
  • Gingerbread man asks bitten face cookie if it got a new hair cut.
  • Autocorrected spelling for no teeth can’t Dracula, weird werewolf, frank in stein, and mommy mummy monsters.
  • Woman with fang tooth houseplant asks other woman why called succulents.
  • Huge grains Wheat Thicks brand snack crackers for big mouths parody is too big to chew.