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  • Scared pig on laptop sees customers who bought straw house also buy nothing online ever again.
  • Angry manager shows Godzilla destroying store no eating rule sign.
  • Dog driving car crashes through wall, not the first time he had an accident in the living room.
  • Factory workers inside smartphone can’t keep up with demand for screaming face emojis.
  • Godzilla destroying city only eats half a Starbucks cafe because it’s too late for caffeine.
  • Man on smartphone in room full of cat hair says he spent less on heat than expected and cat thinks “you’re welcome.”
  • Boy sees the line for Etch-A-Sketch museum draws the architecture of the building’s facade.
  • Bird couple dumps out Ikea box of complicated twig pieces to assemble nest in tree.
  • Frankenstein sits alone at monster party, neck bolts plugged into charging smartphones.
  • Cops interrogating house suspect show building footprint blueprint evidence found at crime scene.
  • Dishonest mechanic outside auto body repair garage pays grocery cart bribe to damage cars in parking lot.
  • Turtle caught hugging other turtle tells angry wife excuse he’s becoming a home inspector.