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  • Big muscle weightlifter bears workout in health club weight lifting to bulk ripped body muscles.
  • Trojan army rolls wooden cat but it wont go in direction they want.
  • Home tells wrinkled rundown house it needs a little foundation to improve appearance.
  • Stealthy slow ninja sloth suddenly builds Lego brick castle without being seen.
  • Hansel & Gretel fairy tale witch gingerbread house shipment is delivered to three little pigs instead of bricks in postal mix up.
  • Only tooth in mouth with no veneer mask asks if everyone is becoming a phony.
  • Godzilla monster gives fruit & nut delivery trucks heart box Valentines Day present.
  • Rude garden shears tells saw hammer’s not sharpest tool in the shed but it’s not supposed to be.
  • Flea watches chihuahua dog tiny house home design television show.
  • Playful cats stealing toy parts from annoyed Santa’s elves are a work shop from home difficulty.
  • Trick-o-treating godzilla monsters trade nerdy people for dummies.
  • Godzilla parent destroying city tells child asking to eat building “no more suites.”