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  • Bob Dylan uses an electric powered lawnmower to cut the grass.
  • Man burns roof of mouth on hot pizza and tiny repair man climbs ladder to fix it.
  • Man enjoys eating his repaired pita pocket sandwich.
  • Godzilla steps on and crushes Lego manufacturing plant.
  • Cats questions why they buy nice things after they destroy them.
  • Bird uses Alexa and increases electric bill.
  • House feels her heat go on when a good looking guy enters the room.
  • Cranberries audience watches scary movie of canned cranberry sauce blob squish city.
  • Women are distraught separating from baby and cell phone.
  • The Teletubby with a plunger on its head, Plungie Wungie, must fix plumbing problems caused by other Teletubbies.
  • Auditor tells cartoonist he can't write-off everyday payments because they appear in his cartoon.
  • Assembly line needs to reject Ford Focus because it is out of focus.