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  • A mouse family asks for an estimate on a door from a contractor because a cat keeps reaching in their house.
  • A king and queen want to get their deck enclosed because arrows keep coming into their castle.
  • A pirate cracks his iPhone screen with his hook hand.
  • Dogs trying to destroy the vacuum bite the cord to see what happens.
  • A hammer has a nail through it and the police think it might be a murder.
  • A snowman meets Rainman, who tells him how many snowflakes he's made of.
  • A man complains that his wife forced him to go to the doctor, but he has a ladder imbedded in his head.
  • Mr. Potatohead can't hear his cell phone because he left his ear at home.
  • Santa plays a playlist of songs about himself in his workshop.
  • Godzilla uses a hotel as an advent calendar.
  • A gardener gets in trouble because he thought a weed whacker would only work on weeds.
  • Tokyo builds buildings that already look broken so Godzilla will leave them alone.