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  • Peanuts comic Charlie Brown zig zag striped shirt straightened after chiropractors appointment.
  • Jittery caffeine addicted man enjoys drinking lots of coffee cups works as vibrating professional masseuse.
  • Injured snowman on laptop online medical web site steals snow man’s head to ice neck injury.
  • Man shopping online on computer sees unrelated chiropractic product suggestion marketing.
  • Unaware porcupine and balloon approach terrible popping accident in scary balloon movie.
  • Chiropractor pushes Mr. Potatohead’s back too hard popping out toy face and body parts.
  • Cactus tells high school reunion classmates don’t mention balding cacti’s obvious porcupine toupee.
  • Raccoon and rabbit at beach play rock-paper-scissors to decide who applies sunblock to porcupine’s spiny back.
  • A straightened candy cane emerges from the Chiropractor's office.
  • A book hits on a woman at a bar.
  • A chiropractor's business is looking up because everyone is looking down at their phones.
  • Dog won't fully commit to rolling over, so only his head is upside down.