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  • A sea jelly tries to open a chiropractic franchise, but jellyfish don't have spines.
  • Goldilocks' spine is out of alignment because she switched from a too-hard bed to a too-soft one.
  • A chiropractor hires delivery men with bad posture to bring him a fridge.
  • Snoopy's chiropractor tells him his back hurts because of how he lies on his doghouse.
  • An extraterrestrial lifts with the hands on his back instead of the ones on his knees.
  • A chiropractor goes to space to fix Atlas' back and save the Earth.
  • A chiropractor tells her client not to let the old man play knick-knack on his spine.
  • Chills exercise while they're not running up and down your spine.
  • A couple has spinal problems because their dog wedges himself between them every night.
  • A chiropractor manipulates vertebrae into aligning themselves.
  • A pretzel goes into a chiropractor and comes out a pretzel stick.
  • An ancient Egyptian cracks a woman's back.