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  • The chiropractor on the set of 'The Matrix' gets a lot of customers.
  • A chiropractor had to adjust to seeing the bottom of people's shoes.
  • A chiropractor does performance arts with a patient.
  • Chiropractor's make illegal wagers on how far they can bend their patients.
  • Extreme Sports that normal people do in the summer.
  • A dog tells another dog that cacti are sort of like trees and sort of like fire hydrants, but that he should stay away from them.
  • Stork complains to chiropractor of back pain from delivering mulitple babies due to fertility drugs.
  • The cartoon shows how various cartoon characters' careers ended.
  • When the Rice Krispies brothers get old, their joints snap, crackle, and pop.
  • A woman says excitement ran through her spine when she got pierced, but a man says it ran down his leg.
  • Quasimodo became a hunchback because he sat at the computer looking at porn instead of getting up and stretching.
  • A sea jelly tries to open a chiropractic franchise, but jellyfish don't have spines.