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  • Owner mad guilty dogs chewed shoes but helpful pets solved her painful high heels problem.
  • Guilty man feels bad for immoral online shopping, avoids woman when forgot name, doesn’t leave good review or feed dog food scraps.
  • Naughty cat on smartphone shows off torn curtains & spilled plants mess in selfie photo.
  • Shaky cat with vertigo staggers out of laser lights show theater with audience.
  • Cat with nine diamond rings asks cat to marry at romantic picnic marriage proposal.
  • Cat thinks nasty poop eating dog in litter box is easy to get presents for.
  • Couple on laptop want expensive couch but buy cheaper one after cat scratches furniture.
  • Therapist cat asks stressed cat patient who slept 48 hours if always been an overachiever.
  • Concrete truck delivers tons of kitty litter as neighbor asks owner how many cats she has.
  • Pet owner tells woman lobster in fish tank is a rescue he adopted.
  • Cream of Wheat brand spoof canary birds instant cat breakfast cereal package.