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  • Shark sleeps listening to people scream for help on ocean sound white noise relaxation machine.
  • Jellyfish pair are surprised after shark used their tentacles to floss his teeth.
  • Teeth mistakenly let a Trojan pinatas inside.
  • Teenager tells dad he's not brushing his teeth because he is seasoning them.
  • 51% of the population is thinking that they wish they had some dental floss.
  • Nutcracker doesn't take advice to stick to nuts and breaks mouth on fruitcake.
  • Sugar Baddy parodies Sugar Daddy lollipop.
  • Man eat donut holes, creature eats pie holes.
  • Teeth admire the canines in the window as they walk past.
  • Toothbrush requests husband puts on a different head.
  • Moviegoer advises doughboy not to go inside roasted turkey as stuffing.