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  • Instead of granite, hell has countertops of brimstone.
  • Devil's inbox overflows with sinners while outbox remains empty.
  • While in bed, fireworks add sparks to their relationship.
  • Bird admits doing an entire mating dance before realizing chirping was smoke detector.
  • To avoid germs on birthday cake, parents use remote control candles.
  • Knight is envious of knight fighting bubble breathing dragon.
  • Harry uses the Floo Network on Christmas and collides with Santa in chimney.
  • Husband keeps wife from using fire escape to escape from monster.
  • Dalmatian puppies prompt husband to question his wife's fire truck ride.
  • Woman accepts skywriting proposal to marry Mel, not kneeling boyfriend.
  • Vegan witches brew potion with eye of potato instead of eye of newt.
  • Manager only interviews job applicants to look busy at work during layoffs.