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  • A V of birds make a sky writing message change from "I love you a lot" to "I love you less than a lot"
  • Frosty the Snowman stops smoking when he melts his face off trying to light his corncob pipe.
  • A mashmallow preacher warns his followers that they will burn in S'Mores Hell if they don't repent.
  • A man reads grilling tips and doesn't listen to the one that says to pay attention.
  • Adam makes ribs for dinner and Eve is offended.
  • Firefighters put a whoopee cushion on their safety trampoline.
  • Candles eat a candlelight dinner, but it's not romantic.
  • A caveman gives his neighbor fire. Next year he might give him the wheel.
  • The Spider Department comes to help a woman who's afraid of spiders.
  • Frankenstein solves Einstein's equation with "fire = bad".
  • Tick gets caught in avalanche of animal fur during shedding season.
  • Oblivious man walking under ladder doesn't realize crowd is warning him about fire.