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  • Cans in car visit a can opener country safari, can openers are all over the landscape like wild animals, sign warns to stay in car.
  • Alvin the chipmunk is on talk show telling host he didn't become one of the chipmunks overnight, he worked his way up starting as gofer.
  • Santa is upset because it is Christmas Eve, and he has a flat, the flat is a deflated reindeer.
  • Man shows off hunting trophies of deer, moose, and stuffed teddy bear head, says bear head was in daughter's crib when he shot it.
  • Kids and cat play Mousetrap game, cat begs for one more game because he just got lucky winning, says they will play for less money.
  • Mouse playing joke on another mouse, shows him cheesecake that's a short jump away, mouse doesn't know he tied his tail to the window shade.
  • Cat shopping for cake mix can't make up his mind which flavor, includes goldfish, mouse, tune, sparrow, canary, pigeon, rodent, and more.
  • Two rabbits stand outside home, which is busting at seams with baby rabbits, wife asks husband if he thinks it's time for a bigger place.