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  • Wife tells husband, Albert, that expandability is a good feature for computers, not husbands, just as he has his mouth open extremely wide to eat an entire piece of cake.
  • One fowl says since Gregory was cremated, he feels like he is with him - and there is a can of cream of chicken on the mantel.
  • One chicken tells another that his fried chicken leg is an old high school injury in Home Economics class.
  • Horse is terrified because the old lady who swallowed a fly and spider is coming, knows song ends with old lady swallowing horse and dying.
  • Two goats dead at dining table, police officer says it's probably poisoning, tells Lloyd to take boot they were eating back to lab for testing.
  • Cat dining in restaurant orders Christmas special, four calling birds, three French hens, two turtle doves, and a partridge, but hold the pear tree.
  • Man preparing to kill turkey for Thanksgiving yells at turkey to come back, he can't fly, but turkey has lots of incentive to fly away.
  • Harmon is doing inventory of stuffed animals, he counted 65 giraffes, 99 walruses, 173 lions, but fell asleep counting sheep.
  • Young person is thankful that he is not the PR person for Anthrax band.