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  • Man tells woman he is ready to go skiing, even though he hasn't since he was five, and his skis are child-sized.
  • Two snowmen watching a snow maker blow snow on skiing trail, one snowman says he is against genetic engineering.
  • One fish tells another it was a real swift move to buy a dehumidifier because their fishbowl is almost empty.
  • Ski instructor stuck in large pile of snow tells student now that she's mastered the snowplow, they can move onto something else.
  • Hockey referee tells announcer the penalty is on number 8, it's 2 minutes for ruffing, and number 8 is a dog.
  • Snowman mom tells son, Casey, to stop eating his nose, which is a carrot, or the neighbors will think she never feeds him.
  • Mother magic marker tells son he's not leaving house without cap because 90% of his moisture escapes through his head.
  • Sleepy man tells wife souvenir wind chimes from New York wasn't the best idea because chimes are clinking and being rude to each other.
  • Frying pan on stove burner is screaming at top of lungs because it is a talking frying pan and being burned.
  • The mystery of Stonehenge is solved as a hand reaches from sky and claims checkmate.
  • Evergreen tree discovers why some trees drop their leaves when man comes with ax.