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  • Conflicted snow man protester with solar power sign protests warming climate change melting.
  • Nephew thinks Thanksgiving dinner guest uncle shaking hand has sweaty palms.
  • Fortune teller warns turkey not to fill up on bread in Thanksgiving prediction.
  • Nasty apple on tree picks snot nose boogers by fall apple picking orchard sign.
  • Unbalanced Noah’s ark boat sinks heavier as afraid animals avoid snakes.
  • Man’s smartphone weather forecast says party cloudy not partly as partying clouds celebrate in sky.
  • Older cloud on smartphone sees frequent drizzle peeing overnight weather forecast website.
  • Noah tells God he forgot extinct wooly mammoths as animals leave ark after biblical flood.
  • Criminal customers arrested for wearing sunglasses cloudy day, playing beachball at pool, winter ale in August and swimsuit wading.
  • Stern cirrus clouds are more serious than funny cloud wearing fake nose Groucho Marx mustache glasses.
  • Naughty cat on smartphone shows off torn curtains & spilled plants mess in selfie photo.