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  • X-ray reveals that man's brain is sad from being teased.
  • Mouse misses the traditional maze when given difficult obstacle course to complete.
  • Mad scientist wonders if there is a better way to rack their brains.
  • Researcher needs expedited shipment of tranquilizer darts as tiger approaches now.
  • Frankenstein adds weights to neck bolts to work out.
  • Explorers distracted by water buffalo overlook air buffalo above them.
  • Research mouse has cheese delivered rather than go through maze to get it.
  • Giant spider and web lead researchers to believe mummies were actually spider's prey.
  • Catherine Zeta Jones has a beta version.
  • Big laser guns burn off patient's head during early laser eye surgery attempts.
  • Scientists don't know what will happen when Hamburger Helper Hand eats M&Ms.
  • Chimpanzees display humor by playing practical joke on Jane Goodall.