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  • A probe for Saturn is ready to launch, but the clock on it keeps flashing 12:00.
  • Surgeons check to see if people with cold hands have warm hearts.
  • A scientist investigates ways to survive the depleted ozone layer by working on her tan.
  • Frankenstein is excited to have created life, but also to have created a tax deduction.
  • Benjamin Franklin's wife gets mad at him for stranding them out in the rain.
  • Researchers discover new forms by looking in the fridges of single men.
  • A woman thinks people look like ants from the top floor of the genetic engineering facility, but really they're giant ants.
  • Famous last words from Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Albert Bugleweed, whose last words were "Honey, how's your diet going'".
  • Scientist holding genetically altered skunk tells boss that it sprays deodorant and is a good gift for people that neglect personal hygiene.
  • Archie the apple wants to impress date, a pear, with his family tree, showing different apples, like Agatha tempting Adam, Jeffrey bonking Sir Issac Newton.
  • Scientists looking at beehive, worker bee says they are paying too much attention to Queen, she's a figurehead, real power is with Prime Minister Bee.
  • Scientists make a pit bull tree that can defend itself in the rain forest.