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  • Man in a cappella band remembers how he always forgot instruments when he was in bands, wonders what he could forget now, realizes it's his mouth.
  • The Invisible Man at Comedy Night makes a joke, saying "That was no laundry, that was my wife," implying invisible wife got washed.
  • Man asks Wilamina to come with him, he'll give her anything her heart desires, Wilamina's heart is excited and picturing itself in a new car.
  • Scientists looking at beehive, worker bee says they are paying too much attention to Queen, she's a figurehead, real power is with Prime Minister Bee.
  • Mother mentions twins with cloning machine, Dad realizes they don't have twins.
  • Boy's marine biology homework eats his dog.
  • Earth does a comb over to cover ozone hole in atmosphere.
  • Scientists make a pit bull tree that can defend itself in the rain forest.
  • The mystery of Stonehenge is solved as a hand reaches from sky and claims checkmate.
  • Colleagues doubt scientist's claim of discovering 2-headed squid since it's 2 squids and a belt.